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Protect your villa


Protecting your villa is important to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.

The importance of relying on experts

Ensuring the security of a detached house, which is often more vulnerable, is of extreme importance. An effective burglar alarm system must cover all access points, both main and secondary. Tecnoalarm systems offer optimal protection for all sensitive areas such as doors and windows. Tecnoalarm's Research and Development department works every day to place the best made in Italy burglar alarm solutions for indoors and outdoors on the market.

Entrusting the installation of a customized security system for your villa to a specialized Tecnoalarm installer will guarantee a reliable and tailor-made solution. During a preliminary visit, the Tecnoalarm installer will be able to analyze the areas that need protection, evaluate the risk factors and propose various ad hoc protection solutions. He will evaluate whether a hard-wired or wireless system is preferable and will illustrate all the intuitive management and control functions that are also accessible from mobile devices.

Versatile systems thanks to rsc® technology

Thanks to the exclusive RSC® technology, in the event of environmental changes or any factor not present at the time of installation, such as the arrival of a new pet or a new ornamental plant, the parameters of the Tecnoalarm detectors can also be modified subsequently and remotely. This represents an added value of Tecnoalarm as it allows you to make changes as needed.

Functionality and design

The functional and refined design, created in collaboration with Pininfarina, will adapt perfectly to every evironment, both indoors and outdoors, integrating seamlessly even in prestigious and exclusive home decors. With Tecnoalarm, security meets elegance.

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Eurocontrol is our highly specialized remote control center and represents an advanced and reliable security solution for our customers.

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