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Protect your shop


Protecting your shop is important to ensure the safety of your employees and your products.

Protect your activity with Tecnoalarm

A shop, like any business, can be subject to various risks, including theft, accidents or vandalism. The safety of property and people must be a priority for the owners and managers. Tecnoalarm systems offer a reliable and intelligent solution to protect all types of activities.

Following a detailed inspection, the specialized Tecnoalarm installers will be able to propose a series of adequately customized solutions, based on the specific structure of your shop, considering the potential access routes and areas of major risk.

A range of protection solutions

You can choose from various security systems, such as hard-wired, wireless or hybrid ones. In the presence of multiple points of sale, access to the management and control functions of all of them can be made directly from the mobile devices, even using a single app if preferred. Furthermore, with Supervisor software you can connect all Tecnoalarm and Tecnofire control panels and integrate video surveillance, for a complete control.

For even greater security, your alarm system can be connected to central monitoring service. The Eurocontrol remote control center is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with highly qualified staff ready to manage any emergency situation or specific customer requirements.

Cases of proven success

With almost 50 years of experience in the security sector, Tecnoalarm has brought numerous technological innovations, often ahead of the times, and has always been a reference company in the sector. Commitment, dedication and Made in Italy have won the trust of important large-scale retailers, chain stores, service stations, hotels, universities, museums, high-risk sites, even in the jewelery and luxury industries, and in areas with a high concentration of people.

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Our commitment is to offer you complete and continuous protection

Eurocontrol is our highly specialized remote control center and represents an advanced and reliable security solution for our customers.

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