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Protect your office


Protecting your office is fundamental to ensure the safety of your employees and your documents.

Your workplace always safe

Office security is an aspect of vital importance. Tecnoalarm security systems are designed to guarantee a quiet and safe working environment, protecting material assets, server and computer data and all personnel. A visit will be enough for the specialized installer to be able to identify the specific areas within the office that require protection and to propose the most suitable solutions for working environments. A wireless or hybrid system could be the optimal solution to minimize masonry if there is no wire connection. Furthermore, the elegant and discreet design, with attention to the smallest details, will blend perfectly into any working environment.

Access control

The specialized installer, in agreement with the customer, can plan to integrate fingerprint readers or time slot access control, assigning specific instructions to all codes, keys and wireless keys. All Tecnoalarm control panels are able to store thousands of events/accesses in the buffer, offering the possibility of downloading a detailed report on the movements of authorized persons.

Home automation and customization

With the help of EV DOMO, it is possible to create automation to manage functions such as the triggering of lights, roller shutters, automatic doors and much more, making the management of each workplace more efficient and comfortable.

It is possible to add temperature and humidity detectors and smoke detectors, if there are not any yet, to the alarm system, both with wireless and wired connection. The outdoor siren is designed to notifiy the ongoing intrusion alarm with different visual and acoustic signals.

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