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Protect your company


Protecting your company is important to ensure the safety of your employees and your products.

Security for your business

Security systems for companies require a different analysis compared to homes, as a company is made up of environments and spaces with different security requirements. Protecting all these areas requires careful analysis and specific engineering both to plan the interventions and to manage the different functions of the security equipment. Investing in corporate security is essential and Tecnoalarm security systems are designed to meet all specific corporate security needs, from small businesses to large industries. Thanks to a detailed inspection, the specialized Tecnoalarm installer will be able to identify the critical areas to be protected, proposing customized solutions for each area and being able to count on a vast range of products certified by the main European bodies.

Furthermore, it will be possible to set up gate control, with an event buffer of up to 64,000 events, and integrate anti-masking and/or photo-verification detectors into the system, as well as detectors for fire or flood detection.

The excellence of supervision

Further support can come from Supervisor by Tecnoalarm:

A single scalable platform for security, fire detection and video surveillance, to have control just a click away.

Companies, public bodies, engineering firms, supervisory institutes, activities and organizations spread across a territory equipped with a Control Room and a Security Manager can understand and appreciate the potential of this tool. We can say that it facilitates all control and management activities of the connected intrusion and fire detection systems, as well as being able to integrate video surveillance, in order to always monitor the situation.

Eurocontrol remote control center

For even greater security, there is the Eurocontrol remote control center, an exclusive service for all Tecnoalarm systems. The control center is always operational, 24 hours a day, and is based on the professionalism of a highly specialized staff, capable of managing all emergency or normal routines on the customer's specific system. In the most common situations of improper alarm or in the more critical situations of actual intrusion, it coordinates immediately with the monitoring services and the police to organize timely intervention.

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Our commitment is to offer you complete and continuous protection

Eurocontrol is our highly specialized remote control center and represents an advanced and reliable security solution for our customers.

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