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Protect your apartment


Protecting your apartment is important to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.

A protective shield for your home

To be effective, a burglar alarm system must protect all the access points, both main and secondary.
All Tecnoalarm systems, hard-wired or wireless, guarantee optimal protection for all areas such as doors, passages and windows and other break-in attempts resulting in damage to surfaces. All the components of the system have the task of forming a protective shield for the home as a whole. To achieve the maximum level of security, it is possible to integrate indoor and/or outdoor movement, vibration and photo-verification detectors into the system.

Best practices

Through an inspection, the Tecnoalarm installer will be able to analyze the areas to be protected, the risk levels and the internal and external influencing factors that could compromise the regular functioning of the systems, as well as propose different solutions based on the structure of the dwelling and the requirements of the owner.

He will assess the need for a hard-wired or wireless system and illustrate all the simple and intuitive management and control functions, that can be performed directly from a mobile device.

He also evaluates whether it will be necessary to protect only the main access routes such as doors and windows, the indoors, or better opt for solutions that also protect the outdoors.

All Tecnoalarm installers are trained and prepared to carry out each individual system "according to the best practices", in compliance with the current legislation, and is responsible for the correct implementation of the same, in compliance with EN 50131. Tecnoalarm offers a complete range of IMQ certified products.

Design by Pininfarina

The elegant and refined design, created in collaboration with Pininfarina, offers maximum aesthetic adaptability, enhancing the appearance of the system in any type of environment. Not only does the system guarantee security, but it is also concerned with offering refinement and uncompromising elegance.

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