TP4-20 GSM zoom

TP4-20 GSM

Hard-wired/wireless control panel 4 inputs expandable to 20

  • Hard-wired control panel with optional wireless modules 4 hard-wired inputs expandable to 20 (hard-wired + wireless) On-board GSM/GPRS telephone communicator Controls up to 8 LCD/LED consoles and 8 auxilliary devices 4 programs 2 remote controls Voice message software module RDV - Radio function. Codes: 1 installer code, 1 master code and 20 user codes Transponders: up to 16 Wireless keys: up to 16 6 programmable logical outputs ABS casing designed by Pininfarina
Casing dimensions (LxHxD): 350 x 285 x 93 (mm)
Battery bay: 12V-7Ah
Item numberDescriptionBrochure
F101TP420G/V-UKControl panel : 4 hard-wired inputs expandable to 20 On-board telephone communicator and voice message software module. Firmware for UNITED KINGDOM pdfBrochure